Carnets de Recherches de l'océan Indien is a biannual journal created in 2017 by OSOI (the Observatory of Indian Ocean societies), a research federation, which was assigned the label FED4127 at University of Reunion.

This scientific journal, Carnets de Recherches de l'océan Indien, seek to publish papers from different, but complementary, disciplines – i.e. history, literature, linguistics, geography, law and economics – dealing with issues of Indian Ocean societies.

Thus, this interdisciplinary journal aims to provide an intersecting perspective on Indian Ocean societies. It is dedicated to the publishing of papers produced by researchers and PhD students of the University of Reunion, as well as papers from external authors.


Review Committee

In line with our editorial policy, the review committee is a multidisciplinary board consisting of researchers in law, economics, literature, linguistics, history and geography. Each issue of the journal is assigned an ad-hoc committee.


Scientific Committee


  • Pedro Pombo (Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, India)


  • Victor Bianchini (Mayotte University)
  • Michaël Goujon (Auvergne university)
  • Serge Rey (Pau university)


  • Christian Bouchard (School of the Environment at Laurentian university -Canada)
  • Jean-Christophe Gay  (Nice Sophia-Antipolis University)


  • Mouhssini Hassani el-Barwane (Comoros University)
  • Mohamed Ouerfelli (Aix-Marseille University)

Journal Outre-Mers

  • Colette Zytnicki (Chief editory)


  • Emmanuel Bruno Jean-François (Penn University, USA)
  • Masséande Chami-Allaoui  (Comoros University)
  • Françoise Lionnet (Harvard University, USA)
  • Cynthia Parfait (Antsiranana University, Madagascar)


  • Jonas Knetsch (Lyon University)
  •  Laurent Sermet (Sciences Po Aix)

Modern South Asian Studies

  • Nira Wickramasinghe (Leyden University, Netherlands)


  • Arnaud Carpooran (Mauritius University)
  • Cesar Cumbe (Pedagogical University, Maputo, Mozambique)


Editorial Committee

  • Editor-in-chief: M.-Annick Lamy-Giner (OIES, geography)
  • Associate Editor: Serge Bouchet (OIES, history)
  • Secretary: Freddy Huet (CEMOI, economics)



  • Guilhem Armand (DIRE, literature)
  • Issa Kanté (DIRE, linguistics)
  • Valérie Magdelaine-Andrianjafitrimo (LCF, literature)
  • Hélène Pongérard-Payet (CRJ, law)
  • Vilasnee Tampoe-Hautin (DIRE, civilisation)